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Book Blitz Giveaway: Wicked Power by DelSheree Gladden

We're back with a fantastic Book Blitz! It's YA, it's paranormal and a romance! Above all, it's a distracting  Wicked Power!
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Title:  Wicked Power

Series:  Someone Wicked This Way Comes, Book Two

Author:  DelSheree Gladden

Published:  May 1st, 2014 by Clean Teen Publishing

Word Count:  102,500

Genre:  YA Mature Paranormal Romance

Content Warning:  Violence, minor language

Recommended Age:  17+

Synopsis:  “Power is what he craves. He collects it so he can turn it into wicked glory, the glory of ruling everything and everyone.”

Vanessa and Zander Roth sit balanced on the edge of impending death and unthinkable power. The Eroi hunting them hide in the distance waiting for their chance to strike, but the Godlings who have taken over the Roths’ lives keep them at bay for now. Their protection is the one benefit to having them around.

Even though the Godling training that the arrogant and insufferable David provides Van and Zander is indeed improving their control, his methods are cruel and harsh. Van is barely able to restrain her anger when it comes to David. Zander, however, embraces the training because it is his only hope of redeeming himself after falling into Ivy’s trap and putting his family’s lives in danger.

In search of a distraction from everything Godling, Van focuses on the nagging feeling that something terrible is on the horizon. The intuition strengthens into frightening visions and leaves Van fearing the future. She is desperate to protect her brother, but with her sixteenth birthday looming and the eruption of the full strength of her hunger on its way, she has her own problems to deal with.

Redemption and protection both take a back seat when a shocking discovery puts everything they have worked for in jeopardy. The choice between safety and freedom has never been more important, and in the end…they may not have a choice at all.

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About the Author:

DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist. Her works include Escaping Fate, Twin Souls Saga, The Destroyer Trilogy, and Invisible. The first book in the Someone Wicked This Way Comes series, Wicked Hunger, was released through Clean Teen Publishing on April 1, 2014.

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Excerpt # 1 for Wicked Power by DelSheree Gladden:

Knowing I can’t kill Ivy without putting my family in danger really pisses me off.
I shift atop the uncomfortable limestone formation, the scratching of my shoe against the rough rock sending lose pebbles careening dozens of feet down toward the ground. There are times when I want to follow them. Then Ivy claws her way back into my mind, stoking my anger and the desire to return the pain she caused my family.
A quick glance at my phone a minute later reminds me of the time. Van will be waiting for me to pick her up from work soon, and her temper has been more volatile than usual lately. I shove my phone back in my pocket and stand. The three-foot square plateau I’m standing on is the perfect perch. It has become my favorite place to escape David’s training and the constant reminders of my failures. I can’t stay up here forever, though, no matter how much I would like to.
With only minimal caution, I lever myself over the edge of the limestone platform and dig the toes of my climbing shoes into the hidden crevices. I could descend the massive formation in a few minutes, but I’m in no hurry to rejoin civilization. I take my time coming down, and not because I’m climbing without a rope. The slow climb is a practice in patience. Something I desperately need.
David tells me not to think about Ivy, to forget her and focus on my training. It’s impossible. Her betrayal is not easy to forget, and can never be forgiven. The fact that she got away and I have no way of finding her again consumes me.
I don’t yet know what I will do when I find Ivy and the Eroi, but I will find them.

Excerpt # 2 for Wicked Power by DelSheree Gladden:

His gaze peels away my insecurities, my fears… all but the most stubborn ones. “Maybe you can’t change the relationships you have now with your family, but you can build new ones with people who love you and won’t try to force you to become someone you don’t want to be.”
My breathing hitches at his words. I nearly break down as he pinpoints exactly what I am most afraid of… more afraid of than whatever Noah might be hiding. I am so scared that David’s training will change me. I’m afraid that I will never be more than Zander’s sister, the one who is forced to watch over him and keep him alive. I even fear becoming the person Grandma wants me to be, tied down by fear and bound by a million rules so tightly that they become my only identity. My chin trembles as the real meaning behind Noah’s words sinks in. He is offering to be that person. Can I trust him?
“I see how much it hurts you to not know if you are good enough or strong enough,” Noah says, his voice soft. “Every time someone pushes you to change or hide who you are, I see this look in your eyes—this moment of defeat and fear.”
Noah pulls me into a hug and holds me against his chest as though I were as delicate as a flower. “I don’t know if those people just don’t see that who you really are is already strong, beautiful, and brave, or if they do know and that scares them, but they’re wrong to try and change you,” Noah says. “I know there are things about your life you aren’t ready to share with me, but I don’t need to know all your secrets to see that you are the most amazing person I have ever met.”
Tears spill down my cheeks as his beautiful words wash over me. I have no words to respond to him. Half of the emotions crowding into my heart are completely foreign to me, but I pull them all in close and feel every single one as fully as I can. It touches me so deeply that he sees me like he does, but what impacts me just as much is the honest belief behind his words that I can have everything I want. That is a gift I wasn’t expecting. In this moment, I can’t help but cling to the belief that he is being honest with me.
Slowly, I push myself back up to sitting and wipe away the wetness from my face as I meet Noah’s eyes. “Thank you,” I whisper.

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