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Urania's Distractions is the place for booklovers of all genres although  (why hide it?) my preference for forbidden love books is renowned! So is my adoration for bad guys and kick-ass heroines...
These are characters I like to write about. Because I'm not just an avid reader. I am one of those who hear "the voices" inside their head and instead of looking for an expert to shut them down, I listen to what they're saying to me and give them space and time to unravel their story. It usually ends up into a paranormal or fantasy book because reality is not enough for them. Then who knows? Maybe one day they decide to settle down, stop whispering to me. Whatever happens it's an amazing journey and I'm glad I have so many wonderful companions like you all along. And if you decide to follow Urania's Distractions by e-mail, remember to leave a comment claiming your free read; it may be an unpublished short story of mine, or the first chapters of what I'm working on. I will be organising special giveaways for my subscribers only so go on, submit your e-mail address on the sidebar!
Now for my details.
 I have studied English Language and Literature in the University of Athens (BA).  I also hold an Msc in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Aston University, Birmingham UK. Now   I'm working on my Phd thesis with Aston University with research in the field of Linguistics.
I have worked with young adults for the past 20 years as a teacher of English.
I am the author of 'Gate Deadlock' a paranormal, time travel romance and its sequel, "Beguiled".

Keep being distracted by reading!


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  2. Thanks for stopping by and for joining my distractions Shannon. Good luck with the giveaway.

  3. Hi, just stopping by to thank you again for participating in my book tour. I had mentioned to BK Walker at the VBT Café that I would like to offer the tour hosts who Spotlighted “Remember Della” on their blog site either an eBook or a signed paperback. If you will email me to let me know which you prefer, along with either your email or mailing address, I will be delighted to get you a copy of “Remember Della”.

    Kindest regards,

    Cynthia Mock Burroughs


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