Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book review: "Penitence" by Jennifer Laurens

Even from the first pages of “Heavenly” (Book 1), which I was lucky enough to have received as a birthday present, I knew that Jennifer’s story had me hooked. “Penitence”, where Zoe’s story continues, was then on top of my reading list.

Both as an author and a reader my favorite kind of writing; first person teenage narration, lively and realistic characters and the element of the supernatural sliding into the story so smoothly and developing hand-in-hand with down-to-earth harsh reality: school and teenage problems, modern family issues, binge drinking, drug addiction and even autism, blended with the deeper search into after death issues and the eternal battle between good and evil.

Artfully combined, all these add to a fast, intriguing flow of the plot that captivates you challenging you to continue reading until the last page where emotions vary from satisfaction that you have finally reached the end (not really, Book 3 is now next on my reading list) to sadness because you just can’t have enough.

Whether or not Jennifer intended to write a book with a moral in mind, I can only point out that “Penitence” contains so many messages that the reader cannot but reconsider his own perception of what it means to become a better person, be that a better daughter, son, parent, friend, lover, fellow man. Because there is something for everyone in those pages as long as the windows of your heart and soul are open.

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