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Beyond Earth by Arlene Lagos: Giveaway and Guest Post about life beyond Earth.

Hello my paranormally distracted friends!
My distractions today involve an otherworldly story that will take you Beyond Earth!
Alrlene Lagos' book is on tour and on its stop at Urania's Distractions Arlene has shared with us her own perceptions about the possibility of life Beyond Earth.
So, read the book details, learn about its awesome author, read Arlene's guest post and the book excerpt, watch the amazing trailer and, of course, take part in the giveaway! 
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Title:  Beyond Earth
Author:  Arlene Lagos
Published:  June 24th, 2013
Word Count:  45,700
Genre:  YA Science Fiction Fantasy
Recommended Age:  13+

Hidden in the fabric of our own galaxy are five planets, anchored to Earth and thriving with life. When young Adaminia walks through a doorway and onto another planet, she learns the truth about her destiny. She must locate the other six warriors and unite their shared power in order to fight off the growing darkness set to destroy their existence.

About the Author:
Lagos has written poetry, stage plays, screenplays and short stories for over 20 years. In addition to writing the Beyond Earth Series she also has twelve award-winning short stories published in the Giant Tales anthology. "Beyond Earth" is Book one of the series. "Beyond Planets" and "Beyond Time" will be coming out later this summer. Lagos currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband and their daughter.

What is Beyond Earth?
To think that we are alone in this world and that there isn’t life on other planets is absurd. It’s no more ridiculous then when they thought the Earth was flat. Just last month, NASA astronomers reported the discovery of three more Earth-sized worlds orbiting nearby stars in ocean-friendly orbits.  Much like Christopher Columbus sailing across the ocean to discover new land, we still have so much space to explore before we find new life.  I think the biggest breakthrough will come if and when we ever learn how to manipulate dark matter/dark energy. Understanding how space itself works and being able to use it as a type of fuel to move through the universe will be the first step in being able to go far enough and for longer periods of time in order to discover what’s beyond what we can see.

The reason I chose to write the Beyond Earth Series is because I wanted to write about what I thought life would be like on other planets and how a young girl with a legacy to fulfill would react to finding out that everything she’s ever known to be true is suddenly, not. I think women would react differently to the introduction of alien life then men would and I wanted to reflect that in my story.

Book after book and movie after movie depicts men going in all guns blazing and it just makes me wonder if that’s the reason why nobody has reached out to us yet. I just don’t think we are evolved enough yet as a species to handle something so different. We can’t even put aside our differences on our own planet; imagine how we would treat aliens?

In the meantime, being able to write about distant planets, good and evil, legacy’s, prophecy’s, myths and magic are what keep me hopeful that someday, hopefully in my lifetime, we will find out what really lies Beyond Earth.

Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
·         5 eBook copies of Beyond Earth (INT)
·         3 Beyond Earth mouse pads (US)
·         10 Beyond Earth swag packs containing a pen and keychain (US)
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Excerpt from Beyond Earth by Arlene Lagos:

Day two at my first job ever and I already have a hit list of co-workers I want to torture. My aunt convinced me to take a summer internship at a marketing firm outside of Boston. It was less about convincing and more of an ultimatum if you ask me. I immediately regret agreeing to this insanity. I’d much rather be at the beach right now.
Blindly I thumb through the new employee manual while some really loud German guy a few cubicles down from me makes telesales calls. He says the same thing to everyone, "Oh what a beautiful name you have." If I hear it one more time I might have to invest in duct tape.
I never understood the appeal of working in a cubicle. It’s very sad when I walk down the hallway and have to count the rows so I know which row is mine because there are no distinguishing markers. At least these ones have sliding glass doors so nobody will notice me listening to Aerosmith on my iPod instead of actually doing my job.
It’s eleven in the morning and I've already gone to the bathroom twice, eaten my mid-morning snack and am secretly hoping someone will pull the fire alarm, when all of a sudden I hear a sound rattling in the hallway.
It’s getting louder and louder and now drowns out even the loud, wacky German dude. At one point I stand up because the sound is so alarming that I am passed curious and moving closer to concern. Nobody else seems to be bothered by it, which intrigues me. Way-too-tall guy is on a dating website; annoying girl is trying to fix the copier; and I’m pretty sure my irritating boss is asleep. I sit back down. Perhaps the noise is nothing, since it doesn't seem to alarm anyone else.
There it is again, the same sound. It’s five times louder than before and the vibration of it causes my phone to fall off the receiver. I couldn’t have imagined it. I stand up quickly this time sure that others have noticed. Nobody seems to care. Am I going crazy? I have to find out where it’s coming from.
Sneaking out of my cube and down the first stairwell, I walk towards the vibrating sound. This old brick building is massive, with endless winding hallways, elevators, secret halls and hidden floors with adjoining catwalks that lead to four other buildings. I was lost for over two hours yesterday trying to climb my way back from lunch, but at this point I hope I get lost again. I need to know what that sound is, if only to ensure that I am not hearing things or going crazy.
The sound is likened to that of a wounded animal mixed with a throbbing pulse that penetrates my eardrums as I claw my way closer.

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