Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Follow my blog giveaway!

Hi there!

During my summer holidays and away from the classroom, even taking a break from my university studying I was able to spend more time on my blog (my third favorite distraction after reading and writing!)
So my views increased and I thank you all so much for that. To celebrate this, I have decided to offer a giveaway:
Two lucky winners will get a print copy of my books Gate Deadlock and Beguiled or an Amazon gift card of $10!
All you have to do is 
-follow my blog (if you follow by mail you double your entries!!!)
-like my  Beguiled page on fb
If you are already following Urania's Distractions or have liked my fb page let me know and I'll add you to the giveaway.

To make sure I don't miss any entries either send me a message on fb or leave a comment on this post.
 I will let you know when I decide to end the Giveaway.
Thank you all for your support! I could never have been distracted for so long without you!

Good luck!

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