Monday, October 28, 2013

5-stars to Beguiled! An awesome review on Goodreads.

Christopher and Emma's story got an awesome 5-star review in 

Goodreads! You can read it on this link , 

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Recommended to Üö Blondie~♔ by: Urania Sarri
Recommended for: All that likes romance and Time travel
Read from October 25 to 28, 2013, read count: Twice

"An unfortunate twist of fate". We‘re walking different paths in life. Paths which should never cross"

Such an over-whelming experience. A mixture of forbidden love and time-travel'

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review and WOW, such a really nice and warm read. A big massive thanks Urania for giving me this opportunity to read such a wonderful book of yours. Enjoyed every moment of it. From the very first page I was totally thrown into another world, I just found it so hard putting it down and I know this memory will stay with me for an extremely long time.

He has come back to her because hes on a mission, but what is the mission exactly? Why is he holding back on her? Whose that man who looks like him if they are not related? Why does he want him so much? What really did happen to her father?

I really felt as tho I was Emma, and WOW, how much I adored Christopher so much. I was so involved with him, could feel for him entirely..I think I fell in love with this bloke that Emma was forbidden to have and deep down, I knew he loved her also even tho he was trying his hardest to conceal his feelings. I was crying with this, very very emotional. But, in all honesty and quite often I wanted to scream at both Emma and Christopher because of all the love that they were trying to hide from each other.

A big massive thanks once again Urania and I would be honoured n reading mire from you.

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