Monday, October 28, 2013

Beguiled has received another great review on Goodreads!

Hey guys!I need to share my happiness with you as the circle of Christopher and Emma's fans is growing. Read Anna's review here or just scroll down.

Recommended for: lovers of fantasy, time traveling, and well writen female characters

The second part of the Gate Deadlock series starts very nicely! Without the whole need to explain a backstory it is fast paced and keeps you reading, and ready to get answers left by the previous book. I will assume for everyone reading this review that you have read the first book of the series; if not, do it. Our dear heroine decides to take fate on her own hands, gets stubborn, and though admitedly I have wanted to slap her at some points, that just shows how she is a well rounded and evolving character. She is on a mission and she will not back down until she gets answers... and her man back. A plot that keeps thickening until its final resolution( and how nicely handled that was).And honesty this is a universe that coud have easiy been expanded and been written into a trilogy!I must say that The Gate deadlock and Beguiled stand just fine among other fantasy books, and is a great reading for every lover of adventures!
Many thanks to Urania for provoding a pdf in exchange for an honest review!

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