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4 stars to Gate Deadlock on Goodreads! Two more reviews!

Each time I find a reader/reviewer who feels like that about my story I'm in total bliss. Thank you Myrto Lydia and all of you who have appreciated my story -and shared my aoration of hot, hot hot Christopher!!!Read the new review here and let me know if any of you would like to review my Gate Deadlock series so I can send you a copy.Here's what Myrto wrote:

Well. This is a hard book to review, because I don't know where to start...

First of all, while I would normally describe the plot, this time I will just tell you to read the book, because if I reveal anything it will be a major spoiler. I'm just gonna say that it involves time travel.

Come on, seriously, just with the mention of time travel,My god, the writer's voice... It was magnificent! There were lots of times I look up some words. Sure, it wasn't full of them making me want to kill myself (I hate having to look up a word every second sentence), but they were just enough. So, brownie points for that.

Also, the narrative was really nice, the plot -which in my opinion is a breath of fresh air in the genre- was interesting, and very nicely executed. Of course, I loved the setting -I mean, it's Greece: what's not to like? Plus, I had this special feeling of bad-ass-ness (is that even a word?) whenever I read about Korinthos and Monemvasia and I was like "Hey, I know that place!".

*clears throat* Um, yeah, moving on now.

About the characters, I really liked Emma: she came of as a powerful, effective and smart young woman who has been through a lot of pain. What I didn't like though, was the fact that once she met Christopher The Time Traveler she was instantly depended onto him. I mean, come on! Where is your past self? You know, all bad-ass and stuff?

Christopher... I loved Christopher. He was sweet and all that but in the end I just wanted to slap him! And then I loved him again. It's weird, really.

I also loved the secondary characters. They weren't overshadowed by Christopher and Emma, they rather added to the story.

My only issue with the story was that (view spoiler). Just sayin'.

All in all, I reeeeally liked "Gate Deadlock" and I'm definitely picking up "Beguiled" next! I had some minor issues, hence the 4 star rating, but I strongly recommend it!

**A hug and a shout-out to my awesome friend, Lydia for our amazing BR!**

***Review copy kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

Here's what Lydia Wrote:
Yesterday i finished the first book and i am about to start the second. 

The story of this book is about a young woman named Emma whose life hasn't been really smooth with her father's death when she was still young. She grows up only to face even more problems by falling in love with a time-traveller whose past was dark and his future it seems even darker. This book ends with Emma's attempts to save him and his soul.

What i really liked in this book it was the great concept of story and also the excellent use of the language which is sometimes difficult to achieve. What i did love was the romance, the love story between Emma and Christopher (the time traveller)and this is quite rare because most romance novels have cheap love stories focusing on the wrong side. But here we have a quality love story focusing on the couple's feelings and their relationship together. What's more the secondary characters were likeable and not burried in the shadows by the protagonists.
Being a Greek i loved the settings and the writer has chosen the right and most beautiful places.

On the other hand there were some points where you could easily guess the next step and i think that the involvement of another man in Emma's life kinda diminishes her purpose of saving her love of her life. Though the narrative is excellent sometimes some of her thoughts went on and on which throwed you out of the story for a while.

All in all i very much liked the book and i can't wait to read the second one!!

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