Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gate Deadlock is still only 99c! Have you grabbed your copy?

Have you ever thought that the present reality can be predetermined and constantly monitored by the dark forces of the future world with the only aim to protect their own reality? Could the present and the future be evolving simultaneously? What if you suddenly discovered that everything you have considered to be your own choices were nothing but inevitable responses to the sly directions of the future? Even worse, what if it was your heart that betrayed you by selecting the future? Gate Deadlock, a Young (and Forever-Young) Adult, time-travel romance, will share with you the secrets of the future and of forbidden love.

Amazon review by Jenny B. 

"I loved the way that the author wrote. The writing style is easy to read, and it makes you feel like you are right there in the story. This was a nice love story, with lots of suspense, which I loved. I had a hard time putting the book down, I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen with Christopher and Emma. I found his connection to her father to be heartbreaking, but amazing how Emma still connected with Christopher and feel in love with him.

While there was no happy ending at this end of this book. I really enjoyed the ending because it was done in a way that did not leave you feeling disappointed. It leaves you with thinking of all the possibilities of what can happen next. I have all kinds of things running through my mind, like is he pretending, does he really feel like the ending makes him appear to be feeling?"

Goodreads review by Anna

'Ok, so... here we go.

The beggining was very strong and impressive, it got me hooked. Generally the book has a great structure and a great use of vocabulary though at some points it tends to be a bit overdone. But after a bit the plot starts thickening and flowing and you get deep into the story.

About Emma: to be quit honest I was reading at first and she was presented as a strong smart capable woman. What I could not really understand is why is she soooo into him, like, from the first time she sees him she is so enchanted I wanted to slap her at some point. But after that she gets way better and since they actually get together and all you get the hang of it. But she is a very likable and relatable character! Finally! She keeps using her brains even when she is crazy in love!

About Christopher: Handsome mysterious stranger barging in and swooping our girl of her feet...but! He hides secrets and a past she cannot find out... or can she? I hope we find more about him!

Well ok, the dynamics between the two of them were a bit too intense at first, but this is not bad!
Also, might I state one thing! How refreshing it was that the protagonists are not highschoolers!
Also I have to state I have never read a time traveling fiction book, and I must state I liked the way the author handles it alot! 

I got really entranced by the story and the mystery and I wanted answers dammit!! Which... I did not really get, but I guess that is why there is a second book! And I am set on starting it in 3-2-1!
After all this, i must say, good job miss Ourania Sarri, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our heroes, and for you too!(lame pun I know, just roll with it people!)
Thanks to the author for providing a pdf copy of this book!

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