Monday, July 29, 2013

5-star review for Beguiled!

Hello my romantically distracted readers!

Want to know what made me jump up and down  early this morning? The five stars  that Emma and Christopher's story earned ! So here's the link if you want to share my excitement while I do my victory dance here!
And here's exactly what Sophia Lazaridou wrote!
"I will make this short and quick. I have been trying to form my thoughts about the book into words but nothing is coming. I was afraid to read it because Christopher was acting so cold that would have my heart broken if it wasn't for some tiny point of views from Christopher's side. The story continues from where the first book ended, with our heroes trying to find the gate. I loved both books for different reasons but the best end is the one on Beguiled. I swear if the author hadn't given us some hints I would have thrown my ereader at the wall and curl up into a ball and not speak to anyone for a while. I can't explain it but I had strong feelings about Christopher. I am glad Emma fought and didn't stay behind accepting everything."

Beguiled needs your reviews more than ever while it is trying to reach its audience. If you have read it post your review on your blog, Goodreads or Amazon. If you haven't send me a message and I can send you a free pdf/mobi copy for an honest review.

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