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Emma's letter to Sabrina's Paranormal Palace: a Beguiled guest post.

Hello fans of the paranormal romance genre!

There's a special guest post today on Read Emma's letter and maybe you can understand better the closing scene of Gate Deadlock (a question I've been asked quite often). Emma has tried to include as little spoiler as possible so I don't think that those of you who haven't read the book yet will miss the fun after reading her own view of events.
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Dear reader,

I’m writing to respond to your persistent question, the one you have repeatedly been asking me ever since you read that last page of Gate Deadlock.

You ask me why I ran, why I caved in. Why I gave up on Christopher.
How can you ask me that when you’ve read every little detail of the tormenting journey that brought me to this muddy road?
You know I’m anything but a coward.
I started this adventure as an ignorant girl and look where it got me. I didn’t cave in to death. I fought loss. I defeated the possibility of life on a wheelchair. I confronted my father’s assassin. I fooled the leader of the future world. I fought against time. I have become cunning. I have become manipulative. But a coward I’m not.
I’ve learnt to fight. For him. For us.

You know what it was that brought me to my knees? The emptiness in his icy blue eyes. The futile search for something that should be there. For the warmth that was missing from his vacant stare. That unbearable look of a stranger. Because that invisible string that pulls me to him is still towing my heart backwards. But when I turn to find the other end I am horrified by the stranger’s face staring back at me. I know that look. I’ve seen it before. In the face of an assassin.

I wish you’d never asked me why I ran. Because I hoped you’d understand. I’d rather you asked me where I was running to. Because without Christopher there is nowhere to go.
I can’t go back to our house. His absence will be intolerable there.
Going back to London is not an option either. Because that would mean I have to start a new life and I’m not ready yet. My wound is so fresh; still bleeding. And don’t tell me I can go to Alex. I burnt that shelter long ago when I exploited his feelings for me. Yes, I had an ulterior motive; to save a life. Christopher’s life. But that doesn’t mean I can forgive myself.

So I’ll just keep on running away. I don’t know where Beguiled will take me but I have a very bad feeling my life will never be the same.
The string is pulling harder. But I won’t turn back.
I have to find a life. But first I have to find a shelter. I need to ask a favor: will you open your heart for me and let me in?

                                                                         Yours always,


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