Saturday, July 27, 2013

My last Beguiled blog tour stop: Sitting on the Porch, Visiting with Lynn Donovan

Good morning distracted book lovers! 
Yesterday Beguiled made a visit to Lynn Donovan we had a nice talk... She asked me about the following: Are my characters truly fictional, or are they based on someone I know?Will there be a sequel? How do I find time to write with the demands of a family and teacher? How awesome is it to live in Greece? Read all about it on:
The tour stops here but the giveaway will be on for a couple of days more. There's still time to earn more entries.
Thank you all: organizers of Juniper Grove, blogggers who hosted Beguiled and their followers and also readers for reading my Beguiled posts, sharing and taking part in the giveaway. 
There are more Beguiled events on the way, so stand by :)

Keep being distracted by reading,


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