Monday, September 13, 2010

This week's song! Breathe in me.

W.A.S.P Breathe Lyrics:

You don¹t have to hear my heart beat

All you need is to look into my eyes

All tell me, I¹m the one your heart needs

I¹m the only one you run to in the night

Oh- let me, burn the words forever mine

Across your heart, across your mind

Take your hands and feel my heart beat

Come and let me feel it in your eyes

All you have to do is touch me

Oh - And lay your flame across my fire

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Oh - Let me spread your wings and come inside

And take your heart and make you mine

Come and lay down your heart on me

All that I wanna feel is

Breathe in me

Lay down your heart on me

Feel you inside of me

Breathe on me

Come and take me on, take me down

Oh, take me all, all the way

There¹s only one way

Only one thing I need, all I need

Take me way down

Come and lay down on me

Lyrics: Breathe, W.A.S.P

I miss you all!

Moving out is not a decision to take lightly. Here I am, in a new country, new house, new job but my mind is still on my friends, my family, my students, my collegues and especially my dogs Lack and Lulu.
I  miss you all!

I Miss You
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rania's Interview and contest on "Romancing the book"!

Don't miss the "Gate Deadlock" contest on 'Romancing the book'. Just read my interview to Jen and Jessica and see if you know the name I'm asking for.
Good luck!