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As a teacher reviewing is part of my life.
My students tell me I'm a positive person which means they're on me. Because my moto in life has always been "Find that special talent inside you and learn to trust it. But never forget you can become better." It's true that very few people, if any, are perfect in what they do. The thing is that some of us need the push forward, the encouragement.
You will not find negative reviews by me. If I read something I don't like I prefer not to submit the review but, provided a fellow author has asked me to do so, I offer my feedback and any help I can. That is what I would like other reviewers to do with my books because I'm not perfect either and I know it. What I am doing is trying to become better so that my characters are given the credit they deserve because like you I love them and want the best for them.
So if you think you can trust me with your baby, sorry, I meant your book, contact me on my e-mail address or through facebook and twitter. I accept all genres (although I have a preference for paranormal stories, YA and romance). Of course I don't receive money for my reviews.
Make sure you include in your message:
your name
book title
your e-mail
a link to your book, blog or website
your e-mail

I'm looking forward to working with you!
Keep being distracted by reading,

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