Monday, January 23, 2012

Versatile blogger award

Huge thanks to RoGoodman at for awarding Urania's distractions with the Versatile blogger Award!
Since it's the first award  for my blog I can't but feel honoured and encouraged to keep on posting despite my constant and engrossing, errr, distractions!
Thank you Roberta1 You made my day and I assure you I really, really needed this.
According to Roberta the following rules go along with the award:

1. In a post on your blog, nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.(15 isn’t mandatory, but it’s a nice gesture. Try and pick at least 5 )

2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.

3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.

4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

5. In the same post, include this set of rules.

6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

So here are seven pieces of information about me:

1. I'm a typical Gemini.
2. I love overcast, rainy weather.
3. I hate marking my students.
4.I love Young Adult books. I exchange books with my students,
5. Besides reading and writing, I love gardening too.
6. I have left my dogs, Jack and Lulu, back home and feel terrible for that.
7. London is my favourite destination.

Here are my award recipients:

Congratulations to all of you because you're all doing a great job!