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4 stars to Gate Deadlock on Goodreads!
 4 stars to Gate Deadlock on Goodreads!
Read the review here:
When it comes to this book, I’m going to do my “new” type of review. I have tried to figure out how to write this review for the past few days and I think that this is the best way that I can do it.
Things I enjoyed:
I really enjoyed the world that was created. The different worlds that were created were done extremely well.
The characters were written in a way that you could visual idea as to what they look like, how they act. Everything about them in general, their actions and personalities.
The story line of this book was amazing; I really liked the whole idea behind this story.
Things that I didn’t enjoy:
The story seemed drawn out at certain parts. There were some sections that felt like they just dragged on longer than they should have.
Other parts of the book seemed to short, you were left wanted to know more about what was going on, what was happening.
I wish we had a little more insight into Christopher’s past, but I am hoping that there is more to learn in the next book.
All in all, I did enjoy this book and I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

4-star Review for Gate Deadlock on Goodreads!

Gate Deadlock got another 4star review on Goodreads.  Here's the link:

Recommended for: all the lovers of young adult romance
Read from June 17 to 21, 2013

Ok, so... here we go.

The beggining was very strong and impressive, it got me hooked. Generally the book has a great structure and a great use of vocabulary though at some points it tends to be a bit overdone. But after a bit the plot starts thickening and flowing and you get deep into the story.

About Emma: to be quit honest I was reading at first and she was presented as a strong smart capable woman. What I could not really understand is why is she soooo into him, like, from the first time she sees him she is so enchanted I wanted to slap her at some point. But after that she gets way better and since they actually get together and all you get the hang of it. But she is a very likable and relatable character! Finally! She keeps using her brains even when she is crazy in love!

About Christopher: Handsome mysterious stranger barging in and swooping our girl of her feet...but! He hides secrets and a past she cannot find out... or can she? I hope we find more about him!

Well ok, the dynamics between the two of them were a bit too intense at first, but this is not bad!
Also, might I state one thing! How refreshing it was that the protagonists are not highschoolers!
Also I have to state I have never read a time traveling fiction book, and I must state I liked the way the author handles it alot!

I got really entranced by the story and the mystery and I wanted answers dammit!! Which... I did not really get, but I guess that is why there is a second book! And I am set on starting it in 3-2-1!
After all this, i must say, good job miss Ourania Sarri, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our heroes, and for you too!(lame pun I know, just roll with it people!)
Thanks to the author for providing a pdf copy of this book!

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Free read: Extract from Gate Deadlock. Take a stroll in the medieval resort of Monemvasia with Emma and Christopher.

We got out and the garage door closed behind us. Christopher put his arm around my shoulder and we started walking. When we turned around the corner  I saw the huge, dark shape of a mountain that looked more like an island as the sea surrounded it. The fortress-village was connected to the Laconian coast where we stood now only by a long, narrow causeway at the end of which I could see the castle gate. From where we stood, it seemed uninhabited. Although it was dark, except for the lamp posts that illuminated the causeway and the spotlights on the medieval castle walls, it looked absolutely enchanting, reminding me of pictures from storybooks.
‘Nobody knows of this hideout besides Suzan and Tom.’ he said as we were walking towards the castle.
‘It’s a house, a guesthouse actually, that belongs to an old friend of mine, Sebastian. He’s a retired senior officer of the American army, and a Senior Confidant, of course. He has been living here with his wife Martha for the last ten years. She’s German but she can speak English. She has no idea about the League but she’s been very helpful and wise enough not to ask any questions.’
‘How did you get to know them?’ I asked him, trying to fight back the state of torpidity I was still in after the long, night-drive to Monemvasia.
‘I helped Sebastian once, when I was on a mission in the Gulf, and we became close friends since then. He has offered me shelter whenever I needed it.’
‘Then I’m not the only one you’ve saved.’ I said approvingly. He shook his head.
‘It’s not the same. I saved Sebastian simply following orders. He was very important to the League back then. I didn’t choose to save him.’
‘Still, it sounds as a noble action to me. I think you have forejudged and condemned yourself Christopher. You shouldn’t be so harsh about your past.’ I insisted.
‘I give myself as much credit as I deserve, believe me.’ he just said. I had no more strength to argue with him.

It took us about twenty minutes to walk to the gate. Behind the heavy door and the medieval castle walls, we walked through arches under which the cobbled streets intersected, surprisingly throbbing with life.
The narrow, pebbled alley was lined with gift shops, coffeehouses, traditional guesthouses and romantic candlelit bars. It was a cool night and people, mostly young couples, were enjoying their drinks, chatting under the soft sound of music. I looked around in search for any black- suited men that might have followed us, but nobody seemed to be paying attention to Christopher and me.

We crossed a square with tall trees and benches and a very old Byzantine church in the middle. I remembered having read that there were forty churches inside this medieval fortress.
The alley became even narrower and more complex, like a labyrinth. We took a last turn and Christopher stopped in front of a stone built, three-storey building. It was a guesthouse with the name “Pelagos” carved on its wooden door.
Gate Deadlock is only 99c on Amazon kindle.The Gate Deadlock series, Book 1.

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Author Spotlight: Alexia Purdy

Featured author in "Urania's distractions" today is 

Alexia Purdy


Alexia Purdy’s Bio:

Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada- Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing, or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She love's creating paranormal fantasy and poetry and loves to read and devour books daily. Alexia also enjoys watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food.

Alexia's latest release is Breathe me , a Contemporary Romance/NA
Take a look at the hot cover!

Here are the book's details:
Breathe Me
By Alexia Purdy
Released May 27th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance/NA
Formats available: Ebook/Paperback
Page Count: 265 pages


Sometimes the one who broke your heart is the one who needs saving the most.
Piper Sandervale never thought she’d ever see Sasha Koval again, not since he'd taken her heart, ripped it out and obliterated it. Now six years have passed, and she has run into him once more at the local fairgrounds in Las Vegas. He desperately wants another chance, and he’s willing to do anything to get her back. She’s not willing to give him anything but a taste of his own medicine, and this may be her chance for payback. But is she only getting in way over her head?
Even as she plots her revenge, Piper discovers that something has changed with Sasha, and she finds herself struggling to justify holding on to past hurts as he continues his quest for atonement. 
Who needs saving now?

Looking for more? 
Have a taste of Breathe me in the extracts that follow!



My heart sped up thinking of the nights we’d spent together. Alone with him, I’d been in heaven, utterly lost to the world. I’d loved the way his fingertips had softly slid down my skin and sent goose bumps flaring throughout my body. His touch had been searing and his scent intoxicating. How do you get over someone like that? Especially after he turned me into a shadow in his midst, left in the cold, alone. It was no different than throwing me under the bus. At the time, it had left me empty, a hollowed mess that I’d been left to clear away, bit by painful bit.

“What… what’s this for?” I stuttered and reached up, clasping my trembling fingers around the stem.
“It’s not the surprise, but it reminded me of you. Beautiful and fragile but also strong. It just felt right to get you this one rose.” He shifted on his feet as he waited for me to respond. I wasn’t even sure I’d heard him right. Nothing clamped me down more than a compliment. How this man always managed to surprise me gnawed at my senses, eroding down that rusty, solid metal wall I had so carefully built. It was somewhat irritating and yet made me stop and rethink for minute.

“Can’t sleep?”
He shook his head, invading my space as I reseated the security chain. His proximity was more than I could bear, but he inched even closer until his arms slipped around my waist and his breath made mine catch. “The nights are long, especially when all I can think about is you, Piper.”
How could I respond to that? I couldn’t. At least my stuttered words would never leave my lips, as his were pressed onto mine, his hands softly cupping my cheeks. Kissing with an intensity that grew with each second, I let myself relax into his body, melting like butter right into him. I kissed him back as my eyes closed, not wanting to feel anything but this. His eyes were tightly shut, and his body reacted immediately to mine as we stood there, devouring each other.

I'm sure you want to know more about this amazing author. I know I do! That's why I have interviewed her. Here's what she said about herself, her writing and her future plans.

Welcome to "Urania's distractions" Alexia Purdy. I think your readers already know a lot about you, but please share a some of your secrets with us. 
First if all, how do you allocate time between writing and your family? What kind of sacrifices have you made?

This is an extremely difficult balance to maintain and I fail at it all the time. I try to write mainly when the kids have gone to bed or when they’re being calm and quiet. Hard to find time to do that, they are still young and very demanding. I think I’ve given up any kind of social life to take care of my family and get my writing off the ground.

When did you discover your gift for writing?
I’d have to say I was a reader first, thank goodness. I loved the fantasy worlds I’d get lost in and I finally dived into writing short stories in 3rd grade all the way through school. I had a long hiatus from writing in college but returned to it in 2010 where I wrote my first novel. Reading was my first love and takes all the credit to making me want to create the same amazing worlds for others to get lost in.

What personal need does writing cover for you?
I have a huge imagination and haven’t gotten to travel much like I would’ve wanted to. So, writing my fantasies, dreams and aspirations, even just stories that jump into my head keep me very sane. I’d lose my mind otherwise, the world is sometimes not so colourful.

You are an author who moves smoothly from genre to genre. Do you have a special preference for one of the genres you write?
I prefer Paranormal Fantasy, hands down. I am delving into other genres but I feel most at home in anything Fantasy. I grew up reading thick Epic Literary works so I do want to expand my horizons to include stuff I loved to read along with what I’m comfortable with.

Any genre you have excluded from your writing?
I will never write erotica. If I do, you won’t know about it.

How do you approach your writing?  Do you plot or go with the flow?
I am a pantser writer, I write what comes to my mind at the moment. I have tried outlining, it does nothing for me and I rarely look back at the outline again. I’m trying out a more of a chapter summary type of outlining now, we’ll see how it goes.

Who is your favourite author and why?
My favourite writer is Cassandra Clare. I love her work and her imagination and ease of writing inspires me to create such unique worlds.

What inspired you to write Breath me?
I had a little idea about this book and I wanted to write about love a bit more. My other books just touched on the subject, leaving a lot of readers wanting for more romance, so I gave it go. I do have a lot of me in there, second chances on love was always something I would want so I decided to go on that.

What's the significance of the book's title?
The main character: Piper Sandervale suffers from extreme anxiety attacks, untreated, undiagnosed. Sasha becomes her rock in this story and in turn, keeps these attacks at bay, eventually. He has a one liner that had the title in it too.

Is there a main message that you'd like readers to take away from the book?
Never assume you know what anyone is going through and what hardships they bear. Even those you once knew, for life is hard and chances are, things do change.

How do you pick the character’s names?
I actually picked them from a character name inquisition I did with my author group Indie Inked. These two names fit the best for what I needed and I loved them. The ladies in my group rock and are so supportive, always there when I need them.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while creating your book?
It’s darn hard to keep at it every day. I hate typing, even though I’m a super-fast typist. I just really hate sitting in one spot for long periods of time. It’s the ADHD in me.

What’s the most rewarding aspect?
Having a completed book with final cover on it and uploading that sucker up to all the e-book sites. That feeling, you know….it’s a feeling nothing can compare.

What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Oh man, I laugh when someone goes “She’s so whiny..” Well, that particular book, the character was a city girl thrown into the wild outdoors and hiking for days upon days across treacherous landscapes. If I was her, I’d whine my butt off too. Who likes achy muscles, dirt in everything, smelling of endless campfire, sweat and nastiness and sleeping on dirt and rocky floors? I don’t, she wasn’t ever meant to like it either so yeah, who wouldn’t whine?

What is your experience as an indie author and what obstacles did you have to overcome so as to become a successful writer?
Promoting, getting my book out there for more than just my immediate circle of friends to see. It’s difficult and advertising is a must. It’s also hard to see newbies coming along and selling thousands of copies in a day when I’ve been at this for two years. It definitely hardens your shell to put yourself out there and humbles you.

What advice can you offer to those who are struggling to make their book known to the public?
Keep promoting, talk about your book, post your favourite reviews and do invest in some sort of advertising on book feature sites. Send your book to blogs for review or features. It’s work, so get used to the idea of ‘working’.

What are we to expect of Alexia Purdy in the future?
I have several titles releasing for the next upcoming year. Next up is Ever Wrath, book 4 of my Dark Faerie Tale series, then Amplified- which is book 3 of my Vampire/zombie post apocalypse saga Reign of Blood. I have spin offs, more Contemporary Fiction coming up too so there will be tons to read and work on for a while.

Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?
If you could, check out more indie/self-published authors and their works, they are amazing and you’d be thrilled with the variety and quality of it nowadays.

Are we holding a contest during your promo?  If so, what is the prize and are there any restrictions for the winner?
I’d like to giveaway 3 e-books, reader’s choice of any of my books. If you could follow my blog via email, that would be awesome! You can go to my blog and follow via email here:

Thanks again, Alexia, and best of continued success to you in all your endeavours!

You can find Alexia here:
 Author Links:
Facebook Page:
Amazon Author Page:
Barnes & Noble Page:

Book review: Poker Face, by Adriana Law

I gave all my five stars to Adriana Law's Poker face. 
I found it as a freebie on Amazon kindle and never regretted downloading it. I honestly loved this book! The plot was fast, the characters developed in a very realistic manner and the hot scenes were exactly the right dose to make it a pageturner.
 I immediately downloaded the sequel, The dead man's bluff, where Adrianna Law kept on streching Megan and Drew's love to extremes with a more emotional twist this time.

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Cover Reveal: The Princess and the Stableboy, by Rebecca Rynecki

This is my first event as a Juniper Grove Host.
And today's distractions are all about the cover reveal of Rebecca  Rynecki's new book.
Let's learn  a few things about Rebecca.

A graduate of Hollins University in southwestern Virginia, Rebecca has put her ancient history degree to good use with the Alaina Downs trilogy, a New Adult/Fantasy series. At least that’s what she tells herself. When she’s not writing, she lives in the Litchfield hills of Connecticut with her husband and young son. She dances, and runs, and upon occasion…sings very badly.                                                                               Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Blog | JGBS Event Page                                                                             And now.... the cover!

Title: The Princess and the Stableboy
Author: Rebecca Rynecki
Published: Coming Fall 2013
Genre: NA Fantasy Romance
Content Warning: Some Sexual Content
Recommended Age: 17+
Once upon a time, before Alaina fell into Isleen…
 There was a kingdom devoid of magic…
 Until one day when Astra, the princess of Isleen is awoken by dragons flying by her window. She escapes with the help of Peter, a stableboy who is hiding a few secrets of his own.
 The land is thrust into peril. The wizards Uther and Avalon have returned from their banishment by unknown forces, and they are determined to take over once more…even if it means turning most of the people into ogres.
 Astra finds herself fighting for her home in an ages old fairy tale of good, evil…and love.

Astra nodded, and waved him off, turning her attention over to a small group of dancers. She tore off some more of the meat, and started to sway along with the soft music coming from the dulcimer. A light rain was beginning to fall, and she glanced up, opening her mouth slightly to take some of it in. Astra smiled, letting her eyes flutter momentarily across the night sky.
Peter turned around, the mugs of mead trembling in his hands. He watched her, his eyes roving over her body before they settled on her gently moving hips. His heart raced, and he panted, taking a sip of the mead before looking at her again. She had finished the turkey leg and was now standing on her tip toes, giggling as she let her tongue dart out to catch some of the rain.
They locked eyes, and she gave him a smile. Peter left the mead down on the table, and slowly walked over.
“You left the mead,” she murmured.
He exhaled. “You’re beautiful,” Peter blurted out.
Astra blushed. “Thank you.” She pointed up at the sky. “I think it’s starting to rain.”
“Is it?” he croaked. His eyes trailed down to her mouth. “I don’t think I noticed.” Peter let out a small groan as her tongue ran over her bottom lip. “Do you want to dance?”
“Oh.” Astra’s cheeks pinked once more as she nodded.
Peter wrapped his arm around her waist, drawing her closer to him as the pace of the music increased. He could feel her heart beat against his and he sighed. “Astra…”
Her eyes flicked up. “Hmmmm?”
He kissed her. Astra gasped, her mouth opening as she felt the heat of his tongue searching for hers. She shut her eyes, her knees quaking as she moaned. She could feel the rain pelt down on them, and she sighed.
Peter shook, and he panted, gently releasing her. He swallowed, his jaw line clenching as he settled his hands on her cheeks and searched her eyes. “Astra…”
“Peter…” Astra closed her eyes, and tried to steady her heartbeat as they rested their foreheads against each other. “Peter…”

~ Giveaway ~

There is an event wide giveaway. One winner will receive an eBook copy (ePub or PDF) of book #1 in the series, The Secret World of Alaina Downs.
Rafflecopter Link here  

We loved the cover that took us back in time and into magical 
Good luck to Rebbecca's book!
Feel free to post your comment below.
And as always,

Keep being distracted by reading!


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Beguiled on tour!

 My Beguiled Book Tour  is now being scheduled with Juniper Grove Book Solutions. If you are a blogger and want to participate follow this link.
I will be updating this post to let you know how it goes.
In the meantime,

Keep being distracted by reading!

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Tips for writers. On the road for reviews: the Sisyphus myth.

If you’re a writer, you’ve been there.
If you’re a reader, you’re lucky you haven’t.
Because the road to reviews is a struggle.
Remember the Sisyphus myth? This bad boy was king of my homeland, Corinth, according to mythology. He was punished by Zeus with pushing that massive rock up the hill only to watch it roll back down in a never- ending torture knowing that the risk of being crashed underneath was always a possibility. Still, he kept on. Because that was what he was supposed to do.
Hence the similarity: you’ve finished that book, had it edited, proofread, self- published and that new part of your life starts: promotion. Then you realize what’s missing from your product page : reviews! 
And the struggle begins. 
As you push that rock you’ll probably get luckier than Sisyphus because, let’s face it, there’s no Zeus making your life hard; the only enemy in this process is only yourself. And this is also your best ally. The risk of being crashed –emotionally and  professionally- under the harsh words of a negative review is always there. 
But you just can’t stop.

A friend confessed to me that when she self-published her first book she had absolutely no idea of what she was supposed to do in order to attract attention on it. When someone got in touch telling her that they read her book she would always ask them to submit a review. Some did. But is that how it works?
A few weeks ago I published Beguiled. As I am not an expert on promotion and my budget is rather low – you know about the economy crisis in Greece I guess - I try to do most of this stuff on my own. As frustrating it is, it is also exciting. Because you know, I’m one of those who like to learn new things.
So here’s what I’ve come up with after a did some research:
Although I have nothing against the way my friend got some of her reviews (did that myself too), waiting for people to discover and review your book can take a loooong time. That’s why you should get them to do it. How? By contacting that group of people called   Amazon' top reviewers. Of course this means you have to look for the book reviewers, explore their interests, see if their contact information is available and send them a query letter. A polite one. I strongly suggest you read this article first by Joanna Penn and also take the time to read the comments as well.
An easier way to locate your genre reviewers is suggested in this article by Mike Michalowicz. His instructions are simple and timesaving as you are directed to the right people through other reviews on your competitors’ books.You'll probably think "How come I never thought about this?"
Now there’s an even easier way but it will cost you some money. Because people on will locate the right reviewers for you and get them to contact you.
Also, on you have the people on bookrooster have your book reviewed by various reviewers.
I have also found some people who are willing to review your book for a small fee.You will find some on . I should warn you though: paying for a review can make that massive rock (see Sisyphus above) roll straight at you. Readers are cautious with authors who pay for a review and you don't want to be stuck under such heavy weight, right?
Above all, do not underestimate the power of facebook, twitter and blogging. There are many bloggers out there (me included) who can help you promote your book for free with interviews, reviews and author spotlight. It's hard work, I know. It takes time but your book is worth the effort.
Of course none of the above can guarantee that you will get positive reviews. Besides, if you read the articles above you will realize that negative reviews are important for many reasons: they make the critic on your book more reliable and of course they pinpoint the things you need to improve.
By the way, I have to say that what I appreciate the most is the fact that some reviewers  take the time to tell you what you need to improve and urge you to submit to them again instead of writing a negative review on your book.
Do you want to know where this research took me?
Well, I started with steps 1 and 2 above. I have contacted six amazon reviewers so far. Two have got back. One has accepted to submit a review. I have my queries ready for about two dozens more of them. Who knows? I may get luckier with them.
Also, I have organized a book tour with the amazing Jaidis Shaw on Juniper Grove Book Solutions. Blog tours usually include reviews if bloggers are not crammed with submissions. You may also decide to have a Book Review Tour and this is all about you getting reviews.
Last but not least, I have decided to offer other authors the help I know they need. So, after  a couple of years of working on my books, my blog is open now for reviews again. So, read my review policy and contact me if you want me to review your book.
Plus, I became a tour host for Juniper Grove Book Solutions.

If you are a reader and potential reviewer of my book please let me know.
Take the time to leave a comment if you think I’m missing something or of you want to share your ideas  on how to process the review issue.
In the meantime,

Keep being distracted by reading,


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Free read: Free chapter from "Gate Deadlock: Starting over." on Amazon for 99 cents only!

(Spoiler alert!)
We were only a few yards away from the exit. I could already see the blinding daylight at the end of the tunnel. Plato’s orders were to stall a little before the exit so that the Crusaders had time to save Nick, Panos and Stratos from the Squad who would be on their way to get us, protecting another Gateway, extremely valuable to the League. I was sure that the Crusaders would already be waiting for us outside, disguised as local policemen, pretending to arrest the cavers for trespassing. Then, I would have to wait for no more than five minutes until the Squad would be here to get me.
I shivered at the thought of facing Tex’s cruel face, but this was the last thing I cared about. I hoped that Christopher would be among them, that he would have come for me despite his last warning. It had been so long since I had last seen him. Plato had not neglected to warn me that I should control myself when I would see him again, otherwise the whole plan would go up in smoke.
I stopped, pretending to be looking for something.                    
   ‘Damn!’ I said. Panos stopped behind me.                                    
  ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked.                                                              
  ‘I left my backpack at the last bent where I stopped for water.’     
  ‘I’ll get it for you. You go ahead.’ he volunteered to help me.       
  ‘No!’ I replied, a little too abruptly. ‘I can do it myself. I can see it from here.’ I pointed to the red bag with my flashlight. ‘You go ahead. I’ll meet you outside.’                           Panos hesitated for a moment. Then he shrugged and walked past me. I was almost at the bent, when I heard voices arguing.                
   ‘Stay here!’ Panos shouted at me as he ran to join the others. I was sure that the Crusaders outnumbered my friends. My ignorant companions would have to do what the “policemen” asked them. I knew the Crusaders were supposed to take them a few miles away, in a safe distance, until the Squad had finished with me. Plato had personally guaranteed that no harm would happen to the three cavers, sharing my persistence in keeping them safe at any cost. I did not want to be an accessory for another death. Somehow, Yannis’ blood still felt hot on my hands.
I ducked waiting, until the voices and the sound of the cars faded away. Then I stood up again and started walking towards the exit. Now it was a good time to start panicking. But, surprisingly enough, I was not panicked. I was extremely anxious to see Christopher, this was the only emotion that overwhelmed my whole existence at that moment and there was no room for fear and panic.
It was very silent outside. I looked around. I was all alone, or at least it seemed so, at the altitude of more than a thousand feet above sea level.
I was not ignorant of the place.
My father had told me stories about this mountain where you’re surrounded by the fairies of the source of the immortal water. The ancient gods took their oaths on this mountain. It was here that the deity of Soul went through incredible ordeals when she was searching for her sweetheart, Cupid. The legend is that she still wanders on the frosty peak, leaving her elf-tracks on the soft snow. The dreadful queen Styx lived on this sacred mountain, Zeus’ally in his war with the Titans. She had the power to punish the Olympian gods if they broke their oaths. Her palace was in front of the Gate of Ades, the gate to the Underworld, to death. It’s no wonder why the locals had respected that place and considered the opening of roads and the intrusion of technology on the sacred slopes that had been protected by the millennium-lasting awe, a hubris, an abuse.
I wished my father’s stories had been true. I wished I could invoke the ancient spirits to protect Christopher and me. But reality was so uninspiring, so dramatic and terrible at the same time.
I walked to the jeep and got rid of the equipment I was carrying, aware of the fact that Tex might be hiding among the trees behind me, watching, waiting for the right moment to terrify me the most. My mouth felt dry and I looked for some water, as my thermos was empty. Stratos had left a spare thermos in the jeep but I could not find it. I bent down to look for it under the passenger seat. I stretched my arm to reach it.
Then I heard the cold voice behind me, the voice that had haunted my dreams for so long.
‘At last! We meet again!’ He spoke slowly, softly, and his voice was sarcastic as always, mocking me. My body stiffened at once but I tried to keep my temper. I did not care if he wanted to hurt me. I was dying to see the beautiful face I had been missing for so long. Was he standing there? Right behind me?
I turned around slowly, my face frozen, expressionless, but my heart was about to jump out of my chest.
You always seem to be in the wrong place, don’t you?’ Tex’s cold voice mocked, testing my reflexes. Threat was obvious in his tone. I was no more under any misapprehension as to how dangerous this man was. But I couldn’t care less. My eyes were fixed on the slim, tall man behind him. He was dressed in the Squad’s typical black suit and he was standing still, his arms folded in front of his chest. His dark sunglasses were hiding his eyes but his beautiful face and his golden-brown hair left no doubt. It was him. It was Christopher. My Christopher.
For a brief moment I felt like it was only the two of us in front of the ancient cave the Squad had come to protect. There was no one around, no sound, even the birds had stopped singing. Then, a gust of cool wind blew, scattering the leaves around us, bringing me back to reality. I was overwhelmed by the strong need to run to him, touch him, feel him, see if he was real. I wanted to lose myself in his warm embrace, tell him how much I’d missed him. But I couldn’t do that. Not only because my knees felt weak, making me feel I was about to faint, but also because I had strict orders from Plato. Susan had warned me several times that this would be a critical moment for my mission. So I had to control myself and avoid any impulsive reaction at Christopher’s sight. Plato had asked Susan to warn me about the chance that Christopher might have changed but I had found that hard to believe. Yet, watching him stand still, not even making the slightest move towards me, his face absolutely rigid, expressionless, as if he hadn’t recognized me, made me wonder if Plato was right. Then, the deepest fear I had been suppressing for so long started creeping from my knees to my spine and to my chest, trying to find a way to sneak into my heart. What if Christopher had really changed? Would there still be room in his heart for me?

From " Gate Deadlock : Starting  over" by Urania Sarri for only 99 c. 

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