Monday, December 13, 2010

Rania reads and reviews: "My heart, his soul" by Loraine Lotter

My heart, his soul (Heart and soul)Review

“My heart, his soul”

By Loraine Lotter

“My heart, his soul” is a very unique story in the genre of fantasy and romance. The heroine, a typical, rebellious teenager who goes through the phase of contradicting her parents and looking up to her friends instead, depicts every girl’s anxieties as she evolves into becoming a woman. What better way is there to mature her but love? A love with the supernatural, the perfect inner element in a human being; the soul of a man.

Lorainne addresses not only teenagers who will definitely empathize with Abi as she struggles to find her way in life, but also those who are keen on romance at the innocent age of the first heartbeats. Above all, this story meets, if not exceeds the expectations of the lovers of the fantasy and supernatural genres, with its innovative subject and a plot that makes the book a page-turner.