Friday, August 1, 2014

Book tour giveaway:Operation Angelica by Juliene Lloyd

Juliene Lloyd is a writer andentrepreneur living near Ann Arbor, Michigan. She enjoys living lifeto the fullest with her husband, three children, dog, cat and severalgoldfish.

Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Dark Sword Press
Release Date: July 2014
Buy: Coming Soon

Book Description:
FBI sniper Elizabeth Ashton's ideallife shatters with the murder of her fiancée in Honduras, CentralAmerica. Let down by the government she serves, Ashton takes justiceinto her own hands. However, after crossing paths with a shadowyWashington D.C. consulting firm, Vormund/Ames, she decides to jointhe company.

Partnered with former soldier and CIA operative Brandon Casey, Ashtonlearns that sometimes governments and law enforcement agencies needan ace up the sleeve. Her first assignment: to aid in the rescue oftwelve people held hostage by rebels in Colombia, South America.

 With the help of three very different men in her new life, Ashtonleaves her FBI life behind while the Vormund/Ames team prepares fortheir mission. But can they rescue a dying woman held prisoner forfive years in time? Can Ashton be the ace?

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